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I'm a Tech Enthusiast

Hi, my name is Nicky Goethals, under the name EKINSOL I provide IT Consultancy services for businesses and individuals who grab my interest.

As a Technology Enthusiast, I thrive to keep myself challenged and I am always on the look for knowledge consumption. I take a keen interest in new technologies and enjoy following the constantly evolving technology landscape.

During my years as a developer and on other technical roles I have build a network of similar-minded people with various interests. If you require specific services which are not mentioned in my skillset then please feel free to ask.

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Full-Stack Development solutions using .NET Core, Angular, NodeJS and more.​


Do you need help in preparing your idea? I can assist you in all the steps required from planning to release and everything in between.


Custom VPS Docker Swarms, Kubernetes, Azure, GCP, AWS and all of that by using Infrastructure as code? You name it and together we can work on your ideal solution.


I have extensive experience using Jenkins and other CI/CD tools together with GIT, saving huge amounts of manual work. I can help implementing CI/CD flows in your company.


Containers are a hot topic, and with good reason! Do you need your existing services containerized or want to start using it for new development projects? Contact me!

WordPress Performance and Hosting

Having issues with your WordPress Website? I can help look for the issues, do load and stress testing and give advice on your infrastructure. When needed, I can provide quality web hosting.

Web Hosting

Web and Managed WordPress Hosting

Under the brandname Host Vlaanderen I provide semi-dedicated and Managed WordPress Hosting solutions. Focussing on high-performance, strong security and strictly not over-dimensioning as many hosting services tend to do. It is mainly focused on dutch speaking audiences to be able to provide quality support while keeping growth at a steady manageable pace.

My Resume

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Technical Consultancy and IT Services

After 10 years of working as an IT Professional, I took the jump and started as a Full-Time Technology Consultant.


2015- 2019

Technical Consultant - Complementary Activity

In my complementary freelance activities I worked on new skills, technologies and management of other developers.

Digitopia / House of Digital

2017- 2019

All things development

A great development team partnered with an awesome Digital Signage Company. In consultation with Pegus Apps I made the move after the platform CITIE, for which I was the Technical Project Manager, was sold. Once the Due Diligence for the acquisition was completed, the group kept a place for me in the team.

With customers such as Belfius, BMW, Beaulieu and many more I had a lot of challenging fun. They are a wonderfull company to work at and to cooperate with. If you need signage solutions or any form of digital experience, these are the go-to people.

Pegus Apps

2015- 2017

Senior iOS Developer / Development Lead / Technical Project Manager

I was missing the start-up vibe. Pegus Apps pioneered Remote Working in the Flemish region. This new way of working caught my eye. I loved it and never looked back to the old way of working! With some very talented people in the team it was a very nice experience.

Cartamundi Digital

2013- 2015

Lead Developer

When Playlane was acquired by Cartamundi, a world leading board and card game producer, our focus shifted to hybrid card technology in parallel with mobile development. Next to my lead developer tasks and maintaining our white-labeling Kids App Creator, I had a lot of fun with Augmented Reality R&D.


2010- 2013

Software / Mobile Developer

My first Rodeo, I started as an intern, and what a great time we had. I learned a lot and received many opportunities with high-profile clients. To this day I am still proud of all the great work we did on the platform Fundels and the many projects we created for clients such as VRT, Studio 100, Sanoma media and many more.



I have always been a gamer, and now I could make them. Still doing some game development from time to time.

Full-Time IT Nerd

1991- Now

1991 Was the first year I clearly remember making my own comic books on the Amiga 500 at the age of six. Ever since I've been tinkering around with computers, scripting, programming, design and technology in general.